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$30,000 IN 30 DAYS

$30,000 IN 30 DAYS

The Clock is Ticking...


Between now and July 5th, OKLAHOMA SIERRA CLUB NEEDS YOUR DOLLARS to help us in our FIGHT FOR MORE SENSE at the State Capitol. Please help us hit the $30,000 mark by July 5th by DONATING TODAY.


As we wrap up our work on the 2015 Legislative Session, we are already looking to 2016 and the immense work we know will be needed. With your donation now, we can move forward with our plans to have a lobbyist at the state capitol every day, host winter lobby trainings, expand the work of our Legislative Committee, and start on our 2016 political agenda and outreach.


Oklahoma Sierra Club was the single loudest voice opposing SB809 this session— and we were proud to have state legislators and elected officials stand with us on this. Through Legislative Alerts, articles, editorials, phone calls, emails, and press events at the State Capitol, Oklahoma Sierra Club, its Legislative Committee and its numerous supporters stood up for all Oklahomans who believe in the rights of local governments and who DO NOT believe that the oil and gas industry should have free reign in our state. But this was just one of many campaigns we fought this session.


We also lobbied to protect our amazing renewable energy sector, to help out the plight of our tiny workers known as pollinators, to oppose the transfer of water in our state, and to shut down the RIGHT TO HARM bill—these are just a few of the issues we dedicated our efforts to on Oklahoma’s behalf. We may not have won all of these battles, but WE DID FIGHT.


TO KEEP US FIGHTING, Oklahoma Sierra Club asks you to take 2 minutes to listen to Sierra Club’s National Executive Director Michael Brune, and then MOST IMPORTANTLY take a minute to donate to Oklahoma Sierra Club TODAY.


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Wed, 06/03/2015

Don’t take away Oklahomans’ right to regulate drilling

Johnson Bridgwater is the Executive Director of Oklahoma Sierra Club.


It’s undeniable that the fracking boom has had a huge impact on many Oklahoma communities. It’s helped bring jobs and income to some, but the rapid increase in this new method of drilling has a flip side—communities have serious concerns about earthquakes and threats to vital water supplies for cities and towns, not to mention the noise, air pollution, and damage to infrastructure from highly industrial drilling operations.

In response to the grassroots concerns of their residents, several Oklahoma cities have sought to impose sensible regulations on drilling within city limits — such as 1,000-foot setbacks and limits on noise, traffic, gas flares, lights and dust. However, the Oklahoma State Legislature is on the verge of passing bills (House Bill 2178 and Senate Bill 809) that will strip away existing law that has for 80 years given cities and towns the right to zone, regulate and manage their own backyards when it comes to the oil and gas industry. Another proposal moving through the Legislature, Senate Bill 468, threatens to punish towns financially if they try to regulate local oil and gas activity.

Tue, 04/21/2015