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The Political Committee

The Oklahoma Chapter Political Committee identifies candidates who are expected to best represent the goals of the Sierra Club on environmental issues and legislation. Our goal is to endorse and support candidates who can be counted on to preserve the environment. The committee meets regularly throughout the year.

We have played an increasingly active role in elections in recent years. This highly active committee welcomes volunteer participation – particularly during the busy campaign season – to assist with research, phone calls, and interviews. We are also looking for longer-term volunteer committee members who have knowledge of Oklahoma politics and wish to be part of the endorsement process.


More About… Oklahoma Sierra Club’s Endorsed Candidates for 2014

Right now, Sierra club has a window of opportunity to elect people who will work with us to protect public and private property and pass progressive legislation to stop the assault on the environment in our state. Please vote Tues., Nov. 04. 

Matt Silverstein for US Senate


Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Silverstein, 33, is a Tulsa-area native and nationally-recognized, independent financial advisor and investment planner with a longtime interest in politics.  His heritage includes Native American (Choctaw) and Jewish roots.

He supports tax incentives to encourage businesses to be environmentally friendly by investing in clean energy, and encouraging car pools and public transportation. He believes Oklahoma should invest in a comprehensive statewide public transportation system and is a strong advocate for placing a tax on polluters who exceed reasonable levels of carbon emissions. 

Matt faces Republican U.S. Senator James "Jim" Inhofe, who is famous for his claim that human influenced climate change is a hoax. Inhofe’s anti-environmental votes have earned a 5% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters. If Republicans gain control of the Senate in the midterm elections and Sen. Inhofe is reelected, he is likely to be named chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

His responses to Sierra Club’s Federal Candidate Questionnaire earned Oklahoma and national Sierra Club endorsements.

“Now is the time for strong leadership on the fight against climate disruption.  The science is irrefutable and the damage to our planet and our economy is already palpably real.  We can turn the corner on climate disruption, and put the nation on a path to meet the emission reductions that science demands, but only if America’s elected leaders take bold action now and stand up for climate science.”

“In addition to dramatically reducing carbon pollution, we must prepare the country for the impacts of climate change and extreme weather disasters.  And we know that the costs of these events can be measured in lost lives and lost livelihoods, lost homes, lost businesses, hundreds of billions of dollars in emergency services and disaster relief.  Extreme weather has cost our nation over $136 billion dollars over the last year. That’s a cost $1,160 on every taxpayer in this country while polluters pay nothing to dump billions of tons of carbon pollution into our atmosphere every year.  Those who pollute must pay for the cost of their pollution.”

“As Oklahoma’s next US Senator, my primary focus will be on what can and will be the state’s most vibrant industry of the future – wind and solar energy.  There is an abundance of wind and sun in Oklahoma, so it’s not only good for the environment; it’s smart economics.”

“Finally, I will be a strong advocate for placing a tax on polluters who exceed reasonable levels of carbon emissions.”

He will also support a mechanism to put a price on carbon pollution.

Matt received his a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Michigan. He currently resides in Bixby with his wife, Erica, and their two daughters, Norah and Sadie.

Rep. Joe Dorman for Governor


A committed public servant for almost 20 years, Rep. Joe Dorman has dedicated his career to making life better for all Oklahomans.  He has frequently been endorsed by Oklahoma Sierra Club and earned a B+ score on Sierra Club’s 2014 Environmental Report Card.

As a sportsman, Joe is an avid conservation supporter. As the vice Chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus since 2005, he is committed to ensuring Oklahoma lands are protected from unnecessary destruction.

While in the legislature, he has been known as a common sense legislator willing to work across party lines to help his fellow Oklahomans. This unique ability to lead by example, to find workable solutions for the hard-working people of Oklahoma have prepared him to serve as a governor for all Oklahomans. Whether it’s fighting for education, sound fiscal policy, worker’s rights, better treatment of our seniors or the safety of our schoolchildren, Joe has time and again demonstrated a devotion to service. He is proud to place the needs of all Oklahomans first.

During the October 02, 2014 debate in Stillwater, OSU student Kathryn Tipton asked Joe and Gov. Mary Fallin if they thought earthquakes were caused by fracking, and, if yes, what did they plan to do about it.

This is an excerpt from a Tulsa World article by Barbara Hoberock that was published October 04, 2014:

“Fallin, a Republican seeking a second term, didn’t say one way or the other if she thought fracking and earthquakes are related. She said she had created a council to coordinate various ongoing studies of the situation.

The governor said it was important that policymakers gather all the facts so they can understand whether the spate of quakes in recent years is caused by human activity or something else.”

‘Oklahomans are frustrated,’ Dorman said. ‘We have seen an increase in earthquakes in our state with no reason. The science has been done. We just need to take action.’

That action would be to ensure the industries are applying safe practices on fracking and the use of injection wells, where oilfield waste liquids are shot deep into the ground, the Democrat from Rush Springs said.

‘We need real leadership that is in touch that will deal with these issues,’ he said.

Asked Friday for clarification, Dorman said he believes there is an increase in earthquakes as a result of some of the oil and gas industry procedures.”

A proud Oklahoman, Joe remains close to his roots and the community that formed his strong love for this great state. A graduate of Rush Springs High School, Joe earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma State University in 1994.

Joe began his service to the State of Oklahoma as a mail clerk and worked his way up to an executive staff member at the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Since 2003 he has served as the State Representative for his friends and neighbors in Rush Springs and Grady, Caddo, Comanche, Cotton and Stephens counties. 

Candidate Forums


Sixty-eight Sierra Club members and eight candidates participated in Sierra Club’s candidate receptions October 14-16, 2014.

Eighteen Sierra Club members and candidates attended Cimarron Group’s candidate reception on October 14 at Cocina De Mino in Oklahoma City. We visited with three endorsed candidates about environmental issues: Joe Dorman for Governor, Anastasia Pittman for Senate District 48 and Sierra Club member Dr. Donald Smith for House District 100.

Thirty-four Sierra Club members and candidates participated in the Green Country candidate reception on October 15 at the Tulsa Garden Center. Three awesome candidates made inspiring presentations: Rep. Jeannie McDaniel for House District 78, Eufaula Mayor Selina Jayne-Dornan for SD 8 and Matt Silverstein for U.S. Senate.

Representative Emily Virgin from House District 44 and Charles Thompson, candidate for Senate District 42, spoke to 16 enthusiastic Sierra Club members at Red Earth’s candidate reception on October 16. The group gathered at The Depot in Norman.

PAC Donations

PAC donations are critical to our process, and your donation of any size will help us achieve our goals.  For more information, please contact hwinc@cox.net to see how you can contribute.

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