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The Political Committee

The Oklahoma Chapter Political Committee identifies candidates who are expected to best represent the goals of the Sierra Club on environmental issues and legislation. Our goal is to endorse and support candidates who can be counted on to preserve the environment. The committee meets regularly throughout the year.

We have played an increasingly active role in elections in recent years. This highly active committee welcomes volunteer participation – particularly during the busy campaign season – to assist with research, phone calls, and interviews. We are also looking for longer-term volunteer committee members who have knowledge of Oklahoma politics and wish to be part of the endorsement process.

Congratulations to Sierra Club-endorsed candidates who won their 2014 elections: Senator Anastasia Pittman, SD 48, and Representative Mike Shelton, HD 97. We are looking forward to working with you again next year. We also want to thank all our the candidates who put their hearts on the line and the many Sierra Club members who volunteered and donated to support these great leaders. You give us hope for the future. Thank you.


More About… Oklahoma Sierra Club’s Endorsed Candidates for 2014

Right now, Sierra club has a window of opportunity to elect people who will work with us to protect public and private property and pass progressive legislation to stop the assault on the environment in our state. Please vote Tues., Nov. 04. 

Statewide Candidates – All Sierra Club members can vote for these candidates!

Matt Silverstein for US Senate


Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Silverstein, 33, is a Tulsa-area native and nationally-recognized, independent financial advisor and investment planner with a longtime interest in politics.  His heritage includes Native American (Choctaw) and Jewish roots.

He supports tax incentives to encourage businesses to be environmentally friendly by investing in clean energy, and encouraging car pools and public transportation. He believes Oklahoma should invest in a comprehensive statewide public transportation system and is a strong advocate for placing a tax on polluters who exceed reasonable levels of carbon emissions. Click here for more information on Matt Silverstein and other Sierra Club endorsed candidates!


Rep. Joe Dorman for Governor


A committed public servant for almost 20 years, Rep. Joe Dorman has dedicated his career to making life better for all Oklahomans.  He has frequently been endorsed by Oklahoma Sierra Club and earned a B+ score on Sierra Club’s 2014 Environmental Report Card.

As a sportsman, Joe is an avid conservation supporter. As the Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus since 2005, he is committed to ensuring Oklahoma lands are protected from unnecessary destruction.

Click here  for more information on Joe Dorman and other Oklahoma  Sierra Club endorsed candidates!


Check out your local group's endorsed candidates within Oklahoma.  Click this link for a map of local groups in the state: http://oklahoma2.sierraclub.org/content/local-groups


Cimarron Group – Sierra Club has endorsed three candidates are seeking election in the area represented by Cimarron Group (Oklahoma City and the northwest part of the state). 

Rep. Anastasia Pittman for State Senate District 48


Sierra Club has regularly endorsed Rep. Anastasia Pittman, who earned a B on our Legislative Scorecard for her environmentally friendly votes in 2014. A regular at Sierra Club's candidate receptions, she is an enthusiastic speaker who seeks environmental updates from our experts and frequently informs and influences her colleagues on our issues

Click here  for more information on Anastasia Pittman and other Oklahoma  Sierra Club endorsed candidates!


Rep. Mike Shelton for State House District 97 http://www.okhouse.gov/District.aspx?District=97

Rep. Mike Shelton has earned Sierra Club's endorsement multiple times for his support of environmental issues. In 2014, he received an A score on our Environmental Report Card and is willing to listen to our staff and advocates. 

Click here  for more information on Mike Shelton and other Oklahoma  Sierra Club endorsed candidates!


Dr. Donald Smith for State House District 100

A Sierra Club member for more than 30 years, Dr. Donald Smith identified clear air, water and energy as his top environmental priorities in the seven-page candidate survey he completed for his State House District 100 race.

He is a conservative Democrat and U.S. Air Force veteran.

Click here  for more information on Dr. Donald Smith and other Oklahoma  Sierra Club endorsed candidates!

Green Country Group – Sierra Club has endorsed one candidate seeking election in the area represented by Green Country (Tulsa and the eastern part of the state). 

Selina Jayne-Dornan for State Senate District 8


Selina Jayne-Dornan, current mayor of Eufaula, is seeking election to the State Senate District 8. Her experience as mayor and a former national councel representative of the Muscogee Creek Nation has exposed Selina to the many needs of the citizens and municipalities across the state.  This experience has provided her the opportunity to make valuable relationships, to understand the legislative process and the ability to operate efficiently and effectively.

Click here for more information on Selina Jayne-Dornan and other Oklahoma  Sierra Club endorsed candidates!!


Red Earth Group – Sierra Club has endorsed one candidate seeking election in the area represented by Red Earth Group (Norman and southeastern Oklahoma). 

Charles Thompson for Senate District 42


Charles Thompson, candidate for Senate District 42, said his wife, long-time Sierra Club member Lisa Chambers-Thompson, "opened my eyes to the many negative effects civilization can bring to our environment."

A union member of Local 344 Plumbers and Pipefitters, Charles is learning green plumbing techniques to help conserve water and reduce heating and cooling costs.  He is working on plans to build a home using "the latest technologies for solar water and hom heating that would use photovoltaic solar panels to create a home that is virtually off the grid." He is also a big supporter of recycling.

here for more information on Charles Thompson and other Oklahoma  Sierra Club endorsed candidates!!


Questions? Please email oklahomasierraclub@gmail.com.

Find your federal & state Senate and House districts: http://www.capitolconnect.com/oklahoma/default.aspx

Find your polling place: https://services.okelections.us/voterSearch.aspx

Vote early or by mail: http://www.ok.gov/elections/Voter_Info/Absentee_Voting/index.html 

Candidate Forums

Sixty-eight Sierra Club members and eight candidates participated in Sierra Club’s candidate receptions October 14-16, 2014.

Eighteen Sierra Club members and candidates attended Cimarron Group’s candidate reception on October 14 at Cocina De Mino in Oklahoma City. We visited with three endorsed candidates about environmental issues: Joe Dorman for Governor, Anastasia Pittman for Senate District 48 and Sierra Club member Dr. Donald Smith for House District 100.

Thirty-four Sierra Club members and candidates participated in the Green Country candidate reception on October 15 at the Tulsa Garden Center. Three awesome candidates made inspiring presentations: Rep. Jeannie McDaniel for House District 78, Eufaula Mayor Selina Jayne-Dornan for SD 8 and Matt Silverstein for U.S. Senate.

Representative Emily Virgin from House District 44 and Charles Thompson, candidate for Senate District 42, spoke to 16 enthusiastic Sierra Club members at Red Earth’s candidate reception on October 16. The group gathered at The Depot in Norman.

PAC Donations

PAC donations are critical to our process, and your donation of any size will help us achieve our goals.  For more information, please contact hwinc@cox.net to see how you can contribute.

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