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Throughout its long and storied history, the Sierra Club has been an ardent advocate for sound environmental policy at the local, state, and federal levels.  Reaffirming its mission to explore, preserve, and protect the natural resources and environment of our planet, the Chapter maintains an active presence at the Oklahoma State Legislature, numerous administrative agencies, and local municipalities.  Each year, the Chapter Legislative Committee meets to determine the legislative priorities for the Chapter, identifying legislative proposals beneficial to the environment and those with potential adverse impacts.  Through the Legislative Committee and its Director/Lobbyist, the Chapter works with elected officials to introduce, pass, or block such legislation, while collaborating with other interest groups to achieve its goals. The Legislative Committee meets regularly during the legislative session to review legislative progress and to organize grassroots action, including Grassroots Lobby Days at the Legislature.

End of Session Update

This year, more than any other year, our legislators responded to the demands of large national groups, like ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and the Koch Brothers and corporate special interests like Farm Bureau and OIPA (Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association).  From attacking wind energy and distributed generation through unnecessary and dangerous new fees and regulations to eliminating any safeguards protecting our food supply, water quality and topsoil, our elected officials have shown their only consistent ideology is anti-environmentalism.

As the only statewide environmental organization with a registered lobbyist at the capitol, the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sierra Club fought back against this well-funded and organized onslaught.
Please take a moment to read our full legislative update to see exactly what happened this session in regards to the environment and also see your House and Senate member’s grade.


Having a registered lobbyist allows the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sierra Club to participate in the legislative process.  However, our strength comes from our members and supporters taking action to show our elected officials that the environment matters.  
Thank you for joining up with us to fight for our environment!
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